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Reading Through the Bible: Days 3 & 4
The last couple of days or reading have taken me through the Fall and the Flood.  Adam and Eve have failed the test of their obedience and have sinned.  All of creation is fractured, broken, and unable to glorify God as it was intended to do.  Having established a foothold, sin goes on to completely ruin creation in a matter of generations so that when we get to the time of Noah, God is so fed up with His creation that He decides to start over with Noah and his family.  

Reading this account, I am once again amazed at a couple of truths.

The first is the utter corrupting, destructive power of sin.  Sin desires nothing less than our complete destruction and ruin.  Left unchecked it will have all of us.  We see in the accounts of Cain and Abel and Noah just how quickly and completely sin spreads.

The second is the ability and willingness of people (including myself) to allow sin to remain in our lives.  We tell ourselves that our sin really isn't that bad or that we have it all under control.  Sin desires to destroy us.  We must, through the power of the Holy Spirit and with a clear understanding of the gospel, kill the sin that we are allowing to remain in our lives.  

We must do this for our own sake, the sake of our families, and most importantly for the sake of the name of our God.  Don't be deceived.  No sin is ever under control.  It is just waiting for you to become so accustomed to its presence that you don't even realize when it is moving in for the kill.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.

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