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Not Guilty
"Not Guilty"

With those two words, the Casey Anthony trial came to an end yesterday.  The case, the trial, and the verdict all aroused deep passions in a very large number of people and much of that passion was in evidence minutes after the verdict was announced.

"Not Guilty"

Thanks to the internet and social media like Facebook and Twitter, we were able to know the reactions of countless numbers of people just moments after Casey Anthony was acquitted of the most serious charges of murder, manslaughter, and child endangerment.  The comments I saw fell primarily into two broad categories.  The first being "How could the jury let her off.  She is obviously guilty and a terrible person.  What is the world coming to?".  The second being "Now Caylee Anthony will never get justice".

I am amazed, but not that surprised, at the amount of people who are dead sure that Casey Anthony is guilty of premeditated murder.  Never mind that no one really knows exactly what happened or that the jury who heard every piece of evidence acquitted her.  People just know she is guilty.  What happened to Caylee Anthony is a tragedy, but we should not presume to judge Casey Anthony.  God alone knows what happened and He alone has the right and authority to judge her.

It is also up to God to make sure that justice is done.  The idea that on this fallen world, true justice can ever occur is false.  We should not be surprised that justice was not done in this case.  The truth is that even if Casey Anthony were found guilty, true justice would not have been done.

"Not Guilty"

What saddens me the most about all this is that so many Christians are outraged that this woman who is believed to have committed such atrocities (and undoubtedly made some terrible mistakes in judgment) is now been declared not guilty.  She is free to resume her life with no further legal consequences for her actions.  Justice has been denied and a guilty (in our minds) woman is walking free!  We are offended that justice has been denied.

Yet we seem to think it ordinary and worth no outrage that we, guilty of sinning against the Most High God, have been declared not only "Not Guilty", but perfectly righteous due to the blood of Jesus Christ.  If a great perversion of justice has occurred, it is in our own lives. Where are the tweets and the status updates questioning our own acquittal?  Has the grace of God become so commonplace that we have lost the wonder and the awe over what Christ accomplished on the cross for us?

We have been spared the just punishment we deserve and are allowed to walk free! God has replaced justice with grace and mercy!

In reality, the Casey Anthony story is our story.  We are guilty, we deserve to be punished for our crimes against God, and yet we have been declared "Not Guilty" by the Judge of all creation.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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