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Chazown Book Review
The premise of this book by Craig Groeschel is that by following the plan he lays out you can find the "chazown" or vision that God has for your life.  By finding your chazown you will be able to fulfill God's purpose for you and will live a much more full and contented life than if you just drift along with no chazown.

To find where your chazown lies, what you need to do according to Groeschel is to determine where your spiritual gifts, your core values, and your past experiences all overlap.  This area of overlap will determine what God's purpose for your life is.  Once you have determined what your chazown is, Groeschel lays out a plan that will help you pursue and live out your God given purpose.

That plan involves 5 fundamental life priorities that must be given completely over to God.  Those 5 areas are your relationship with God, your relationship with other people, your financial life, your physical health, and your life's work (including volunteer work and family).  As these 5 areas come into focus, you will be able to live out your chazown for God.

Let me begin my thoughts on this book by being up front with you.  I don't like books about the Christian faith that lay out step by step plans for success.  I don't think that we can be assured that what works for you will work for me and vice versa.  I also think that a plan like the one Groeschel lays out depend heavily on a certain definition of success that I am not very comfortable with.

The idea of chazown presented here seems to imply that if I do not find God's specific plan for my life then I will never be fulfilled or content.  There doesn't seem to be much room for my obedience to God to look drastically different over the course of time.  Chazown also seems to downplay the role of simple obedience to God in very mundane and ordinary ways.  These are spoken of as times to be endured on the way to chazown instead of God honoring ways of obedience to the Father.

Again, I admit that I don't like step by step books in general and that may play a role in my general discomfort of Chazown, but I really didn't like it very much.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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