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Gospel Driven: The Fall
Genesis tells us that when God created our universe, everything was "good" and that the creation of mankind was "very good".  Adam and Eve were created to rule the earth and to glorify God in so ruling.  Of course, as we know, the temptation of pride was too great and they sinned against God by their disobedience.  Nothing has been the same since and will not until Jesus comes back to restore His creation.

Because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, everything that we know is unalterably corrupted by sin. Romans 8:20 tells us that even physical creation (ie. the earth) has been cursed by God because of the fall.  Romans 3 tells us that no one seeks after God and Ephesians 2 tells us that we are dead in our sins. Everything that was made good by God has been corrupted by sin.  The creation that God intended to point to Him as a majestic display of His glory becomes to object of our worship instead of leading us to worship the Creator.

The implications of the fall are incredibly relevant to us today in several ways, the first being individual.   Because of the fall, we are dead in our sin.  This means that we cannot help ourselves spiritually any more than a dead man can bring himself back to life.  Just as the physically dead coming back to life is a miracle, so is any one coming alive spiritually.  The scriptures tell us that the only way for a person to be brought back to life spiritually, or born again, is through the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16).  It also means, because we are fallen ourselves, any attempt to improve the gospel in any way will itself be born out of our fallen-ness.  The only thing in this world that we have that has not been tainted by sin and the fall is the Bible.  So it alone should be our source of wisdom.  This is one of the reasons the doctrine known as Sola Scriptura is so important.

The implications of the fall are also have ramifications for us as the corporate body of Christ, the church.  Because of the nature of man post fall, the seeker sensitive/attractional model of church is fatally flawed.  The underlying assumption in that particular model of church is that there are people out there seeking God and we need to make sure that they are comfortable and welcome seeking Him with us.  The problem with that assumption, of course, is the bible.  Again, Romans 3 tells us that no one seeks God.  We are all dead in our sin and, short of a miracle from God, incapable of seeking or finding Jesus.  The other flaw with the attractional church model is that we shift the burden of evangelism from the individual believer to the corporate worship service and the leaders of that service.  We, in essence, tell people that they don't have to tell people about Jesus and the gospel, just convince them to come to our cool/hip/welcoming church and we will tell them for you.  In our attempt to introduce more people to Jesus, we short circuit the very means by which He has ordained to redeem people: seeing evidence of the transforming grace of Jesus Christ in the everyday lives of His disciples.

We must understand the fall and its implications for us as individual disciples and as the corporate body of Christ.  To understand the fall is to understand the imperative of a totally gospel driven ministry approach.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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