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"What's In the Bible?" DVD Review
Happy Halloween (unless you don't celebrate Halloween, then, Happy October 31st!).

I recently received a copy of "What's In the Bible?" from Tyndale House Publishers to watch with my kids and review.  "What's In the Bible?" is a kid's video series about, believe it or not, what is in the Bible.  Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, is also the creator of this series.  We watched the 4th DVD in the series called "Battle for the Promised Land."  Read my review below and leave a comment and you could win a free copy of the DVD we watched from Tyndale House.

I turned out that we had two kids visiting with us when we watched the video so I was actually able to get the reaction from 5 kids whose ages ranged from 4 up to 11.  Everybody seemed to enjoy the video and it was definitely informative.  I think what I appreciated most was that they weren't afraid to tackle some pretty tricky questions and issues.  In the DVD we watched, we learned about the Israelites entering the Promised Land where they had to fight and kill the nations who were already living there.  The characters in the video asked why it was ok for the Israelites to fight and kill the people already living there just so they could live there.  Not many kid oriented videos would attempt to answer questions like this and, as a parent of a 4th grader, I appreciate there willingness to do so. (FYI, it was ok for the Israelites to fight and kill the inhabitants of Canaan because the land was God's to do with as He pleased and the Canaanites were disobeying God by not giving the land over to who He desired to have it.)

I asked the kids some questions after we watched the video:

1.  Did you learn anything from it?  They all said they did (and even I learned something new watching it).

2.  Was it entertaining?  While everyone seemed to enjoy it some, the older kids (9 and 11 years old) enjoyed it the most.  My 9 year old daughter Emma was disappointed we didn't have all the videos to watch.

3. Would they watch the rest of the series?  Again, a unanimous yes on this one.

4.  Who was their favorite character?  The runaway winner of this category was the pirate in the hot air balloon.

Overall, I was really impressed with what we saw.  It is entertaining and extremely educational.  I think you would do well to remember going into watching these that they are not Veggie Tales.  They serve a different purpose (to teach kids what is in the bible) and serve it well.  If you want your kids to know about the bible and enjoy the learning process, I highly recommend Phil Vischer's "What's In the Bible?" series.

To find out more about "What's In the Bible?", check out or

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