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Making Idols
Read a great post at the Thirsty Theologian blog last night.  You should go and read the entire post.  Go ahead...I will wait here for you to get back.

Welcome back.  I want to direct your attention to a section that David wrote in his post:

The point, which you’ve likely already ascertained, is this: Are any so sacrosanct that you are unwilling to hold them up for examination under the light of truth? If so, please abandon any pretense of intellectual integrity or spiritual fidelity. You’ve made idols of men. Repent.

Anyone worthy of your admiration can withstand scrutiny. Investigation will vindicate them. Discussion of their flaws will yield fruit as well, helping you to grow away from idols and toward objectivity. You’ll learn to appreciate the individuals in question as flawed conduits, rather than sources, of grace. Some of your heroes may be mythical. They may not be what you’ve thought them to be. You may find that their characters are eminently reproachable, or that their doctrines and methods are unbiblical. Discovery can be painful, but don’t you love the truth and its author more than these?

 Incredibly relevant truth for our times.  We are, when left unchecked by the Holy Spirit, idol factories.  We just churn them out left and right.  We not only do this with men and women of the faith, but also with the things they write, produce, etc.  Sometimes we get so excited about the concepts and imagery that a book or video presents that we fail to really examine it with discernment.  Of course, that is one of the reasons we are to live in community with other believers.  When we fail to do what we should, our brothers and sisters in Christ are there to lovingly and firmly help us to get back on the right track.

The assumptions made in the previous paragraph are that:

1. We are living in community with other believers
2. We actually listen when they try to tell us that the latest Christian book or our favorite TV preacher have wandered from biblical truth.

Too often those assumptions prove false.

What about you?  Do you have any of these "untouchables" in your life?  If so, as the Thirsty Theologian so aptly put it, repent.

No one and nothing is above scrutiny (including you and me) and if we value God's word, our own spiritual well being, and the advancement of the Gospel, then we will examine everything and everyone in light of God's perfect Word.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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