Waiting on God
I am really excited about an opportunity that God has place in front of me recently.  I am passionate about helping other men live out their callings as disciple, husband, and father.  I have a close friend who is also passionate about discipling men.  What God has been gracious enough to do recently is bring men into our small group who share this passion.  As we began to talk and explore our shared desire to see men walk in the fullness of who He has called them to be, the possibilities began to really excite me.  About a month ago we agreed to set a time to all meet together specifically to pray for this potential ministry opportunity.  One of the things we all want to be sure of is that we don't rush ahead of God in this.

I am finding that I really want to rush ahead.  I don't like this about myself.  I really want to be able to sit back patiently and wait for God to move in His perfect timing.

Because I know that His timing really is perfect.
Because I know that His way really is best.
Because I know that there is a way that seems right to me that in the end goes very badly.

And yet, my flesh is constantly trying to plan the next step, create the next phase in an opportunity that doesn't even belong to me.  My head knows that God has this all planned out and that His plan is infinitely better than mine.  My flesh on the other hand is pretty sure that I've got this and I don't need any help, even from God.  I find that I am constantly battling myself to remain patient and wait on God's timing and His plan to manifest itself.

I realize that God is using this to point out another area of my life that I need to relinquish completely to Him and I am praying that He continues to prune me in that way..

In the meantime, I guess I will just wait.....patiently....or at least wait.

I married my beautiful bride Katherine back in May of 1998. Since then, we have been blessed with 4 wonderful kids (three girls and a boy). We have lived here in Rome since 1993 when Katherine and I met as freshmen at Berry College. I teach Math at one of the elementary schools here in town. Thanks for stopping by.


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