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Questions Part 4: Reaching Our Cities With the Gospel
I am taking some time to write about a series of questions for pastors that Timmy Brister posted on his blog.  You can find the full list here.  There are 21 questions and I plan to write about the 6 that I have highlighted on the list I printed out and hung on my office wall.  This is the 4th of 6 questions I plan to look at.

What will it take to reach those in our city who are far from God and have no access to the gospel?

In order for the church to fulfill the great commission, we must be able to reach people with the gospel.  Quite simply, to have any chance of reaching everyone in our cities our churches need to become much better at discipleship than we currently are.  

No amount of programming is going to be adequate for this task.  No amount of creativity in our Sunday services  is going to be adequate for this task.  We need an army of well equipped saints who will take the gospel into and throughout our cities as they go.  As church leaders, our job is to equip the army.  If we do this well, if we are able to equip our people and they go out and spread the gospel and if God enlivens the dead hearts of the lost as we pray He would, then we will eventually run out of room in our church.  Part of our equipping should be raising up leaders who can plant new churches to join with us in raising up the army of the saints.

I think one of the pitfalls that we run into in our pursuit of the lost is that we lose focus on our greatest asset in reaching the lost.  The believers who already attend our churches are our greatest asset in reaching our cities.  In order to be a truly effective evangelistic church, we must become truly effective disciple making churches.  We cannot allow our people to just bring lost people to us and think that their jobs are done.  Scripture commands us all to be Christ's ambassadors and witnesses.  It is our job to make sure that our people know this and are equipped to do it.

Ultimately, reaching the lost and unchurched in our cities is too big a task for one local body to accomplish.  It will take churches cooperating with one another to really see this happen.  I hope and pray to see these things occur here in Rome, Georgia.

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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