What If?
What if we were more concerned about sharing our faith than sharing our disgust about healthcare?

Russell Moore posted an extremely timely and thought provoking piece on his blog today concerning Christians and the new health care reform bill.  You can read the whole post over at his blog Moore to the Point.  I have quoted a bit of it below.

Is it a problem that some of us who are tranquil as still water about biblical doctrine and ecclesial mission are red-faced about Nancy Pelosi and the talking heads on MSNBC? Is it a problem that some who haven’t shared the gospel with their neighbors in months or years are motivated to vent to strangers on the street about how scary national health care will be?

If we were half as outraged by our own sin and self-deception as we are by the follies of our political opponents, what would be the result? If we rejoiced as much that our names are written in heaven as we do about such trivialities as basketball brackets, what would be the result?

I don't know about you but I find myself extremely convicted by those statements.  We too often prove ourselves to be much more concerned about what goes on in the earthly kingdom than what is occurring (or not occurring) in God's Kingdom. God forgive us and bring to our lives the conviction, courage, and desire to boldly proclaim our love for our Savior and His gospel instead of our distaste of politicians and their gospel.

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