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Finding Life in Your Marriage - Session Two, Part 1
Session One ended with us learning that God intends for married couples to have complete intimacy with each other. This intimacy is part of God's design for marriage. In Session Two, we will learn how sin destroys intimacy in the marriage relationship and God's plan to remedy what sin has wrought.

We begin session 2 with the account of a man out cutting his grass. This man lives in the country and has a good deal of property so he is out on his riding mower. He steps off the lawnmower for a moment to remove a tree branch from his path when a rattlesnake strikes from the grass and bites the man on his leg. The man is in shock. He thinks to himself, "How could this happen to me here, on my own property!?!" In his anger at the offense the snake has perpetrated, he grabs up the tree branch he had stopped to move and begins chasing the snake across his property.

We immediately see the terrible mistake the man has made. In his eagerness to punish the snake for what it has done to him, he has neglected to seek help for the poison that has been injected into his body. We know that if he continues to chase after the snake without taking care of the poison, he will die.

Genesis chapter 3 tells the story of the fall of man, when sin enters the perfect world that God has created and declared good. It begins when the serpent goes to the woman questions what God has commanded (Genesis 3:1). When Eve answers the serpent, he then lies to her and tells her that they will not die like God said if they eat from the tree. What will really happen is they will become like God. What Eve is being tempted with is control. The serpent has offered her a way to control her own life. She can become like God and decide how things should be for her. She and Adam will get to set the rules now, they will know what God knows.

Of course, as we know, Eve eats from the forbidden tree and then Adam follows suit. Sin has entered into Eden. Now, Adam and Eve are no longer living according to God's design for them. No longer are they under His blessing. Just as God promised, they have died spiritually. They now begin to live according to their own design which instead of leading to God's blessings, leads to man made results.

Now when they look into each other intimately, they see their own sin and they are filled with shame. To hide their shame and their selves, they fashion a man made cover from fig leaves. This is an attempt to hide their physical and spiritual selves from each other. When God comes to the garden to visit them, instead of running to him with joy, they run from Him in fear and try to hide.

When God questions them as to what has occurred, the blame game begins. The man blames the woman and the woman in turn blames the serpent. As a result of their decision to disobey God, they are cursed by God. The man is cursed with toiling for food from the ground. The woman is cursed with painful childbirth and difficult submission to her husband. As Matthew Henry says:
If man had not sinned, he would always have ruled with wisdom and love; and, if the woman had not sinned, she would always have obeyed with humility and meekness; and then the dominion would have been no grievance: but our own sin and folly make our yoke heavy.

The divine plan for man and woman, husband and wife, is now replaced with a struggle for control in the relationship.

To Be Continued......

I am a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father. I teach 5th grade in my hometown of Rome, Georgia.


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