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God created all things. He created mankind to be his representatives and govern the earth for Him.

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Mankind rebelled against their Creator, choosing to disobey God. Their sin brought death into the world and severed mankind from God.

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But God, being merciful, sent His own son to pay the price of mankind's treason. Jesus died on a cross to redeem all who would believe in Him.

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One day, Jesus will return and will reconcile all things to Himself. Those who repented of their sin and followed Him will spend eternity in His presence.

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Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index Review

Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index Review

The concept for this book is really quite simple: provide the answer to the question "Where is that in the Bible?" for the words and ideas found in scripture.  You want to know where the Bible speaks about hypocrisy?  Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index will tell you.  What about where Moses' brother Aaron is mentioned?  You can find every reference here.

This book is quite good at what it does.  It is a simple, straightforward reference book.  While it is probably true that most of the information found here can be rounded up on the vast informational landscape of the internet, this book eliminates a couple of the problems inherent in trying to find this type of information online.  The first is, of course, actually finding the place where the information is located.  The second is finding that information from a relative trustworthy source (and one that is content with just providing references without trying to push their particular point of view.)

All in all, I have been very pleased with Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index and would definitely recommend it.

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