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God created all things. He created mankind to be his representatives and govern the earth for Him.

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Mankind rebelled against their Creator, choosing to disobey God. Their sin brought death into the world and severed mankind from God.

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But God, being merciful, sent His own son to pay the price of mankind's treason. Jesus died on a cross to redeem all who would believe in Him.

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One day, Jesus will return and will reconcile all things to Himself. Those who repented of their sin and followed Him will spend eternity in His presence.

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Is Your Church a Blank Check?

Is Your Church a Blank Check?

I heard a question yesterday on a podcast I was listening to that I want you to consider.  Hopefully it will cause you, as it did me, to think about the way we do church here.  Unfortunately we have allowed way to many cultural and business imperatives form and shape our view of church, to the point where some of the things we do that are not biblical are things we can't imagine doing any other way.

If you are a church goer, each week you gather with the other believers in your local church and you sing songs and you hear a sermon.  At some point you take up an offering.  You finish up the service and you go home or out to eat.  This scenario plays itself out literally hundreds of thousands of times each Sunday in our country alone.  Here is what I want you to consider.

Think of how many people are in your church.  For this I will use the average church size in America which is around 200 people.  We know that the mandate of the church from Jesus Himself is to make disciples of all nations.  We are charged with getting the message of the gospel into the entire world.  Let's pretend all we have is those people and their resources.  Here is the question:

If we sat down and tried to figure out how to get the gospel into the entire world with those 20 people and their resources, do you think our solution would be our local church?  Would we decide the best method of sending the gospel into all the world would be to build a building that costs millions of dollars?  Would we decide to spend the money of those 200 people on lights and sound equipment?

I am not saying I know the answer but I think we have to at least be willing to entertain the question.  Are we really be effective at fulfilling the great commission?  I believe the local church is the answer. The questions is are we really doing and being the church like the Scriptures call us to be?

I think the answer too often is that we have allowed culture to define us as the church.  There are models and systems that one must fit into in order to "grow" and to be "successful".   We hold onto those models and systems with closed hands, unwilling to let them go because we think we need them in order to be effective.  The reality is that God doesn't need our church buildings, our excellence, or our programs.  He doesn't need us at all.  What He desires is not great systems or well run church organizations.  What He desires is a body filled with people who are willing to do anything He asks us to do, both as individuals and as a body.

Are we willing to do anything God asks us to?  Are we willing, as a church body, to offer ourselves to God with no strings attached, with no preconceived ideas of how our service to Him should look?

Are we willing to give our church to God as a blank check and let Him fill it out for us with no questions asked?
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