This Is Discipling

The mission of the church is to make disciples so that the glory of God may be known and spread throughout all creation. Think about what your church does on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

Would you describe it as discipling?
What if we had fewer programs, events, and services to attend and spent more time, effort, and money on practically equipping people to be disciples where they live, work, and play?

What if we equipped them to be missionaries to their friends, families, or even to strangers in a land where the name of Jesus has never been heard?

If this kind of discipling appeals to you there are a couple of books I would highly recommend you read.
The first is The Trellis and The Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne.
The second is One-To-One Bible Reading by David Helm.

These are great books that encourage churches and individuals to make more disciples and less programs.  If this is something that you are interested in, I would love to meet you / speak with you.  Leave me a message in the comments or on Facebook.


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