Read Through the Bible With Me

One of the things I have never done is to read through the Bible chronologically.  A chronological reading of the Bible takes you through the events recorded in scripture in the order they happened instead of in the normal book order we are accustomed to.  My hope is that some of you will join me in reading through the Bible this way.  The reading plan I have chosen will take us through the Bible in one year.  It is divided into 6 readings per week and my plan is to take Sundays off.  I plan on beginning this plan tomorrow and making it my daily bible reading for the next 12 months.

What I would love to see is some discussion around what we are reading in scripture.  I plan on writing a little each day about what God is showing me in these readings and I would love to hear from each of you who choose to join me as well.  Discussion can either take place here in the comments of each post or you can follow the blog on Facebook.

You can download a copy of the reading plan I am using by clicking the link below.

Download reading plan

I look forward to iron sharpening iron as we discuss the wonder of God's word.


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