What I am learning
I don't know if there is anything that is as simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying as the realization that God is doing something in you. Exhilarating because as a follower of Christ, we long for Him to move in us to bring us to deeper levels of intimacy with Him. Terrifying because we know that with greater intimacy will come greater sacrifice and greater levels of suffering for His name sake.

My prayer has been that God would do whatever He needs to in me to bring me to a place where I will be a vessel that brings Him glory in all that I do. Slowly but surely He is helping me understand at a deeper level how amazing His love is for me, how undeserving I am of anything from Him. Yet He sacrificed His very Son so that I might be perfect and holy before Him. Wow.

As that reality becomes more weighty, He is opening my eyes and heart to the scores of people around me who need Him and need someone to live and preach the Gospel for them. We choose so often our own comfort and convenience over sacrificing something (probably something we really don't need) so that the Gospel may be made real in someone else's life. I know I am guilty of this.

I pray that God will continue to reveal to me more of Himself. I pray that my heart will be broken for those that need the Gospel. I pray for opportunities to interact with those people. I pray most of all that every area of my life will glorify my God and bring honor to His name.

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