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Jason Gray

Jason Gray came to Northside today and led worship for us. If you haven't heard of Jason Gray, don't feel bad. He isn't very well known in the commercial Christian music circle (you won't hear any of his music on WayFM or whatever Christian music station you have near you). I had never heard of him until he came to our church in February and opened for Matthew West and Sanctus Real.

I am pretty picky about music I listen to, especially Christian music. Obviously I like for the music to be appealing to the ear but I also need my Christian music to be theologically sound. Jason Gray passes both of those tests with flying colors. He is a great song writer and I love his acoustic, mellow sound. I highly recommend you go to his website and check him out. He also is a great guy. I hope we can have him back to the church soon and I am very excited about the fact that he just finished recording a new cd.

Go check him out at www.jasongraymusic.com. You won't regret it.

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