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One Message

Ask anyone who works with me at the church and they will tell you my contention is that there is really only one message that people need to hear. It doesn't matter what they are going through or where they are in their walk with Christ. Fortunately, that message is the only one that the Bible tells. Because when you boil it down to basics, the bible only tells one message through the course of its 66 books.

What is that message?

That message is the gospel.

In a nutshell.....

-God is sovereign over all creation.
-He created everything for His glory.
-We are sinners separated from God by nature.
-Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and died to pay for our sins.
-He rose again to conquer death and sit at the right hand of the Father.
-He call us and saves us for His glory.
-Every promise, gift, and benefit described in scripture is ours through our obedience to Christ and His Word.

As far as I can tell (and I am no expert or Biblical scholar by any means) this is the story of the Bible. Nothing that we encounter in life cannot be solved, conquered, endured, or accepted by this one message.

It is needed to be told to and understood by sinners and elect alike. It is the power of God unto salvation to Jews and Greeks.

It is the story of the abundant life that God has provided and purchased for His elect.

It is the One Message worth living and dying for.

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Sheldon Clowdus