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The Church Parking Lot

I found a link on Tim Challies' blog for a video from John Piper about being rich and how to handle wealth. Watching the video reminded me of some thoughts I had a while back about wealth and the people of God. Watch the video after the jump....

The thought that occurred to me a while back was this: Should the church parking lot really be full of BMW's, Hummers, and Lexuses (Lexi?). If a car is a means of transportation, then shouldn't we, as God's people, try to find a reliable means of transportation and nothing more. Isn't everything else beyond reliability just an expression of our own pride and vanity? Wouldn't the money spent on a car payment for that Hummer be better spent sponsoring children or given to a non-profit charity or even given to the local church to reach our communities for Christ?

Just a thought.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I drive a 2000 Mazda 626 with 112000 miles on it and my wife drives a 2002 Honda Odyssey with 102000 miles on it.)

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